The Conduit

by Come What May

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Will and a way out.
Will and away.

Vagabond limbs make for great escapes
Partitioning makes for separate ways.

Gone is the time of thieves when
Everything, everything moved.
There’s a sickness in the air,
And it penetrates my lungs.

It creeps in my veins
And it doubles the weight that I’ve borne on my back
And it spits, in my face
Oh, what a careless fool I’ve’ been [careless fool I’ve been].
Take breaths, take steps,
Take the measures you need just to quicken your pulse
If trust is a road, we’ve traveled it wrong.

I need to get my head on straight and my heart out of your hands.

I should’ve seen this coming,
All the wrong turns.
The sutures rupture,
And I know it hurts,
But we never built ourselves a way out.
A way out.
A way out.

Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness,
There’s been blood on my hands all this time.
Though you’ve donned all the robes of a judge,
No one’s taught me the depth of my crime.
An apology can’t build a bridge,
But it’s the only place I know to start.
Please write this down in your mind,
A transcription that ends with your heart.

I? No. I know. I know.
That grave makes a pauper of kings,
But I’ve been gone too long for that to mean anything.
If my life is one moment,
I’ve sought you for years

To face the unknown means to disarm our fears.

[Don’t count me out, we’ve come this far].
Will and a way out.


released February 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Come What May Athens, Georgia

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